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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

postheadericon More CT Work!

Ok, my CT team finally got their groove on! So here's a bunch of tags created for me, and 1 tut! I'm loving it all. I just love seeing what people do with the stuff I creat! It's awe-inspring.
These are made using my Fire Freebie which was part of a may Blog train, You can find the kit by searching my blog for May posts.
This one was made by Ella

This one was made by Lovely.

This was made by Ella using my April Freebie, Puddle and Pawprints!

This ws made by Ella using my Spring Popper kit, which is on sale for 45 cents here!

This was made by Ella also. That girl is on a roll! This was from my Hallosweet kit, also on sale for 45 cents!

This is the tutorial I mentioned by Ella, once again! She used my Jewels of India kit, also on sale too!
The tut is avaiable HERE



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