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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

postheadericon WitchyPoo's Boooty Spa- New PTU!

It's a Booo-tiful season!
Just ask WitchyPoo, she has her spa all ready to serve all the witches and warlocks in town!
She's hung out her shingle and is ready with all her tools and some tricks!

15 Papers
75 Elements including;
6 Bows
4 Glitter Doodles
3 Frames
3 Glitter Skullies
3 Beads
2 Barettes
5 makeup brushes
3 Eyeshadow Palettes
3 lipsticks
1 Blush
8 Different Spa Products like
Boo Goo Hair Gunk, Skull Dust Body Powder, Black Widow Botox, and Graeveyard Dirt Mud Mask.
2 High Hells
2 Makeup cases
Shears and Razor
Rollers & Clip
Blowdryers & Flat Irons
Combs & brushes
Nail Polishes & File
and still more.
All individual PNG files at 300 DPI
It's on sale right now for 30% off at MY STORE



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