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Thursday, March 3, 2011

postheadericon Freebie Wordart

I made this while making a tag today, and decided it was kind of cool, and someone else mihgt be able to use it. so I'm giving it out. It's a PNG file, so jsut click on it to make it full size, and save it right form here. Hope you like, and umm, leave a little thank you. I mean really, don't just cheat and dl and run.

Here's the tag I made withit, with Elias' new St. patrick's tube! I used my Gateway to Annwn kit for the tag as well. It's in my store, Treasured Scraps.


Sunny said...

Thank you for the word art! Lots to look at here. xoxo

PSP-Filiaal said...

Thank you for the wordart. Beautiful.
Lirios - the Netherlands


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