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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

postheadericon Magic Gal Tutorial.

Magic Gal Tutorial

May 17.2011
Any similarity between this and any other tutorial is coincidental and not intentional.
Supplies needed.
Tube of choice I used one of Eilis Chatzoudis. You must have a license to use his work and can presently be purchased here

Mask of choice I used Mask 13 of Dee Sign's Depot.

Scrapkit of choice I used
It's a Kind of Magic by Bello Scarto
©Jane Anderson Bello Scarto/Beautiful Scraps

Bello Scarto
This is a PTU kit I caanot supply but Jay would love if you purchased!

Font of Choice- I used My Fair Cody

Program used Photoshiop CS3.
You must have a basic knowledge of this program to use this tutorial.
Filters used
Noise (comes with program)
Xero Fritilary
Xero Radiance

Let's begin

Open a blank document sized 600 X 600 at 72dpi with transparent background.
Open paper 2.
Open mask.
Make sure both are layers and not backgrounds and sized to 600 X 600.
Add a layer mask from the layer palette to the paper, click on channels above layer palette.
Mask sure layer mask ( last one down) is chosen as visible.
Click on mask, select all, Click edit, copy.
Click on paper and then edit, paste.
You'll see the mask applied with a transparent red background.
Click the mask layer so it's invisible.
Drag into blank document.
Add noise with these settings. Gaussian monochromatic.
Add element 1/cluster frame.
Resize to suit and add default drop shadow.
Open paper 12, resize to 400 X 400.
Drag onto document below frame
Using your magic wand tool, on the frame layer, select inside the frame.
Select, modify, expand by 2
Select paper 12 layer. Select inverse selection and hit delete.
CTRL D to deselect.
Fritillary filter used in settings shown.
Using tube closeup, drag below frame and right click on layer palette, select create clipping mask.
Apply Xero radiance filter, using settings shown.
Merge down.
Using larger tube, drag into document, off to right side of frame and default DS.
Using element 34, resize to 300 PX and insert below larger tube.
Apply outer glow, changing color to white, Blend Normal, opacity 75% Size 3
Drag element 28 to left side of frame, resize to fit to make it looks like owl is sitting on top of flower and apply DS.
Drag element 14 to right side of frame top corner.
Drag element 13 on top of pin element. free transform to fit.
Select Image, adjust , hue & saturation. recolor to a deep purple tone. Apply DS.
Apply copyright and any watermark layers and your license number.
Merge visible.

Font My Fair Cody Size 18. Apply stroke, purple tone, outside, size 3. Default DS.
You are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful!



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